What is matrix?

Matrix is a product that locates on the creasing rule of steel rule die. It then transfers onto the cutting jacket of a die cutting press. Once on the jacket it will become the female channel for the male scoring rule. It will form the bead on the folded parts such as pocket folders, folding cartons or any finished product with folding creases.

Metal backed matrix was the first and still most widely used creasing matrix. It is great on short runs and is the most cost effective matrix. Most people are familiar with the different sizes. These sizes are referred to as 32,40,50,etc. or as colors as buff, white, yellow, etc. Plastic matrix is a fairly new product. It has a lower profile than metal, which allows for faster press speeds. The biggest benefit of plastic is the ease of trimming. It can easily be cut with scissors. It can also be trimmed to thinner profile to fit between double scores.

We highly recommend shops to carry a supply of both matrix types. For shops that can not change score heights, changing matrix can raise or lower the score heights by .005”. We welcome the opportunity to help our customers develop a matrix plan. We are an authorized supplier of Shreiner Creasing Matrix.