Could magnesium emboss dies actually be superior to copper emboss dies?

The answer is yes in many ways.

  • Much easier to control bevels during the etching process. Bevels help to stretch the paper fibers more gently. This allows for deeper embosses and less cracking
  • More cost effective-especially larger dies
  • We now pour cast counters on magnesium emboss dies
  •  Less concern over expansion
  •  Even though magnesium is softer than copper, there is less concern about crashing emboss dies than foil stamp dies.Less concern about expansion because of lower heat (also remember we can adjust artwork to accommodate expansion) 

Copper emboss is superior for:

  •  Registered embosses to either print or foil and particularly in large dies.
  •  Extremely long runs


Try out a magnesium emboss die and let us pour a counter for it. You may be surprised.At A&A Die we offer same day turns on copper, magnesium and photo polymer plates. We etch .250, .153, and .064 in copper and magnesium. Check us out and all of the services we offer at